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Концептуальное проектирование

3D ARCHITECTURAL VISUALIZATION – what is it and what it’s mission?

Nowadays, the set of the companies is engaged in construction of new buildings, both office and residential. However, a huge hard work is being carried out before you proceed directly to the construction. Moreover, a huge amount of calculation and preliminary work as well as 3D architectural rendering will be also required. Thereby, a customer can witness firsthand how the final form of the structure would look like not just order a house project. The possibility to reflect more accurately all significant and important external characteristics of constructed facilities are open thanks to this method of visualization. The 3D architectural visualization of projects assumes not only the informative part, where it offers the customer an opportunity to assess how the building will look like before the start of its construction and make some adjustments, but also an artistic part as a result. Of course, today almost no one would create such a project only on paper, armed with pencils but would use a variety of special programs, which do not exclude the necessity of use the basics of composition, staging light, etc.

3D architectural visualization is very important and responsible work and lots of people can handle it, but it is necessary to work with the best to receive the qualitative result, and «A1 Design» studio is one of them.


Before starting construction or repairing work, we need to consider the smallest details of how the project will look once the work is completed. That is why 3D interior visualization will become the most reliable assistant, certainly. Thanks to the 3D visualization, you will appreciate the final look of your apartment, office or a separate room with all the furniture and interior details. The latest computer technologies allow rotating the created model on 360 degrees, zooming in and looking at the individual nuances. 3D visualization of projects is in incredibly great demand due to its precision and approximation to reality.

The price on 3D visualization depends primarily on the complexity of the forthcoming work. Consider the interior in the Gothic style, which means existence of a large number of ornate patterns, stucco molding and very tiny details as an example. Of course, the price on 3D modeling in this case will be higher than if the customer prefers the project in the minimalism, which is fashionable today.


The «A1 Design» studio offers everyone to seize the opportunity to order the 3D architectural visualization or the interior design. Extensive experience of «A1 Design» in this field allows the team to execute the order of any complexity and achieve the best results in the shortest time due to the continuous increase of professional level. The architectural studio “A1 Design” creates a truly unique and ideally suited to your requirements project, with all attention treats each client, carefully examining all the information and the customer’s wishes.

Our company always seeks to adhere to the democratic price policy so the cost of 3D visualization in A1 Design studio favorably differs from what is suggested on the market. If you have any questions or in case you need obtaining additional information, we are always ready to receive you at our office. Besides, anyone who doesn’t have time to visit us can simply contact our managers by the phone. Our staff will be able to create a miracle, the real small masterpiece that you will enjoy! Prefer the best professionals who know and love their job – architectural studio “A1 Design “.